About Us


Rebel ePublishers is an independent publishing company incorporated in Detroit, Michigan.

We produce high quality, finely designed ePub and Kindle eBooks for distribution to all major online eBook retailers at a competitive price. Our titles can be found at Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Waterstones, to name a few.

We also produce a high quality, finely designed trade paper edition of our books. These are Publish-On-Demand (POD) titles and can be found on most online sites offering trade paper sales.

There has been some confusion over the meaning of Publish-On-Demand. Simply put, a POD book does not exist in a physical sense until someone orders it. It is then printed and mailed to the purchaser. It is a seamless process which is both environmentally and financially friendly with little or no impact on the customer.

However, there are some aspects of POD that an author should be aware of before submitting their work to a POD publisher such as Rebel. Bookstores, in general, will not order or stock POD titles so the likelihood of seeing your book on bookstore shelves is negligible. This is not due to any practice by POD publishers but rather due to the antiquated business practices on the part of the publishing industry as a whole.

Rebel fully supports Independent Bookstores and as the industry changes, perhaps these business practices will, of necessity, change over time.

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