books_flying_letters1_bg About Rebel

Rebel is an eBook/Publish-On-Demand (POD) publisher.

We produce high quality, finely designed ePub and Kindle eBooks for distribution to all major online eBook retailers at a competitive price. Our titles can be found at Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Waterstones, to name a few.

We also produce a high quality, finely designed trade paper edition of our books. These are Publish-On-Demand titles and can be found on most online sites offering trade paper sales.

There has been some confusion over the meaning of Publish-On-Demand. Simply put, a POD book does not exist in a physical sense until someone orders it. It is then printed and mailed to the purchaser. It is a seamless process which is both environmentally and financially friendly with little or no impact on the customer.

However, there are some aspects of POD that an author should be aware of before submitting their work to a POD publisher such as Rebel. Bookstores and Libraries, in general, will not order or stock POD titles so the likelihood of seeing your book on bookstore or library shelves is negligible. This is not due to any practice by POD publishers but rather due to the antiquated business practices on the part of the publishing industry as a whole.

Rebel fully supports Independent Bookstores and as the industry changes, perhaps these business practices will, of necessity, change over time.

It is a sad fact of todays publishing world that 90% of the marketing of a book in any format, both in terms of time and finances, has become the responsibility of the author. Websites, social media, Amazon Author pages and other forms of exposure have become a necessity rather than an option. As an author, the development of an author platform is paramount. Contacting local resources – newspapers, local radio, libraries, bookstores – has become imperative. Your book is not going to find the audience it deserves by itself. You need to be prepared for this and willing to make the effort. There are many online marketing resources to aid you in your pursuit of sales.

What We Are Looking For

We publish most genres of fiction. We are looking for new talented authors who have not previously been published, as well as previously published authors looking for a new way to make their voices heard.

  • We don’t accept any pornography, works promoting hatred of any kind, violence or profanity not pertinent to the story line. We’re also not looking for fan fiction or erotica.
  • We accept novels of 40,000 words and up.
  • You do not need an agent to submit your work to us.
  • We do all our business on-line. All communications will be done via email.
  • All work submitted must be your original creation! You must own all copyright and publishing rights to your book. You must have permission to use any quotes used in your book.
  • If you don’t understand the above information or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Submissions Guidelines:

Please send us the following:

  • A short synopsis (A page or less is ideal)
  • First and last chapters and a random chapter from the middle of your book. And yes, we know that asking a writer to choose what chapter to send can induce an anxiety attack to rival a CAT-4 tornado inside a CAT-5 hurricane during an earthquake and a plaque of locusts. Simple trick: pick a number between 1 and the last page of your book. Give us the chapter that page number falls in.
  • A short bio, no more than a paragraph or two.
  • Please make sure your book is finished before sending it to us. Don’t send us your first draft. Please put your manuscript through a thorough editing process.

We promise to read all submissions and will provide feedback on everything we receive, so please be patient with us. We will write to you as soon as we can.

Attach your submission as a Word file: .doc .docx or .rtf. Do not embed it in the email. Email your submission to SubmissionsATrebelepublishersDOTcom. NOTE! The Subject of your submission MUST contain either the word Submission or the word Query as the first word on the subject line. If it does not, your submission will be automatically deleted by our mail server.

Advice for writers:

  • Take a writing course.
  • Join a writing group in your area or start your own (we did).
  • Join an on-line writing group like Backspace. There are hundreds to choose from in all the different genres.
  • Set aside a place and time each day to write.
  • Read and research your preferred genre.
  • Read as much as possible, especially in the genre that you intend to write.
  • Don’t compare yourself with other writers.
  • Find your own voice and style.
  • Send your completed manuscript to as many publishers or agents as possible. You’ll never get published if you don’t put yourself out there. Or you could simply send it to us.
  • Don’t get bogged down by perfection. It will never be perfect in your own eyes.
  • Read the following books:
    • Stephen King’s “On Writing.”
    • James N. Frey’s “How to Write a Damn Good Novel.”
    • Donald Maass’ “Writing the breakout Novel.”
    • Michael Seidman’s “The Complete Guide to Editing Your Fiction.”
    • Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style.”
  • NEVER give up!

Other helpful websites:

Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas. - Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove. - Juvenal