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Are you all caught up on the -byte series by Cat Connor? Have you been following the thrilling life of Special Agent Ellie Conway? If you have… great!! You must be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. If you haven’t… now is your chance to pique your interest and decide for yourself why everyone can’t stop reading -byte!!

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead!!!

Excerpt from Book 7, Eraserbyte by Cat Connor.

“I chose this particular excerpt because I felt like sharing it. Trying to choose 500 words (it’s a bit over because I needed to end the scene where it makes sense) from 114k is like being asked to pick your chocolate flavor. Cruel and unusual punishment.”

I stood in the doorway as the car disappeared from view. Everything felt wrong. At the pier, I could see the USS Barry. Gray ship on a gray day. Ghostly. It just needed fog to make a perfect horror movie set. A shudder vibrated up my backbone.
“Go for Blue Jay. Can you see anything? Over.”
“Copy, Nutcracker. Be more specific. Over.” His voice smiled.
Something was counting down.
A flash lit the corner of my eye. As I turned my head to the left, the building shook: I lost my balance and hit the wall behind me. Debris flew across my line of sight. Hunks of metal slammed into a parked car. Smoke and dust filled the air. Large chunks of brick, concrete and metal crashed from the sky.
“Break-break, Nutcracker!” Voices in my head belonged to Jerry and Kris.
“Loud and Clear, Mobile Nest. Get Blue Jay out of here. Out,” I replied, turning my attention to the room we were in as I used the wall for support. “Kurt?”
“You can be wrong any time now,” he replied, taking a step toward me. “Okay?”
“Yep. You?”
Another massive explosion rocked the building. We hit the ground hard. I looked up in time to see a car crash down onto the pavement outside. I blinked. Mitch was just there. Bile rose.
My hand closed around the button in my palm, “Break-break. Massive explosion in Naval Yard. Request emergency services.” I paused then pressed the button again. “Go for Blue Jay. It’s today. Out.”
I struggled to my feet and grabbed for the door handle. Another explosion shook the area. Glass spewed from the destroyed windows, shards spearing desks and chairs. Screams followed. I spun around. Screams from where? There was no one in the bullpen. Where was everyone?
“What building was it?”
“I don’t know. Museum?” Kurt replied. He took my hand off the door handle.
“Maybe museum. Where is everyone?”
“I don’t know. You ready?”
Kurt swung the door open.
A thick blanket of smoke and dust fell over the area. We couldn’t see anything in front of us. We couldn’t hear anything. Seconds ticked by then from under the cloud, I heard a cry, then another and another.
“Kurt, there are kids in there.”
He held my arm as I moved toward the sounds. Every breath caused coughing. The thick polluted air threatened to choke me. “Wait. They’ll have gas masks in here,” Kurt said.
He pulled me back inside and shut the door. Smoke crept through the broken windows, rolling over wrecked desks, like dry ice at a concert. The sound disappeared. We scanned the walls looking for the telltale emergency arrow and spotted one. Kurt rifled through the cabinet and found two gas masks similar to those our SWAT teams wore. We pulled them on.

Background on Eraserbyte:
Cat Connor Author of -byte seriesIn 2011, I travelled with my Admins to Washington D.C. I did a lot of research while we were away. Then I wrote Soundbyte, Snakebyte, and Databyte along with about 15 short stories. Before I could launch into another novel The Admins said they wanted a book. Against the odds, Eraserbyte is their book. I’d never before let anyone suggest storylines or themes or characters or anything when it comes to my work (except when I ask for title help and we all brainstorm). I need to be able to see the images in my head to write and I just can’t see other peoples ideas. The story always arrives as I start writing, scene by scene. It’s just the way it is.
When Admin One and Admin Bubbles suggested I write a book based on our trip and put us in it…I thought they were insane and resisted quite a lot. Admin One was determined. I caved. Then had to figure out how to insert us and use some of the things we did and places we went. That posed some problems initially since I write first person from Ellie’s point of view. It took a bit of thinking to make it work and still allow me to write in the first person, but Ellie thankfully played along and showed me the scenes through her eyes, and slowly but surely the story unfolded in front of me like it always does.
There are elements of truth smattered throughout this book. Unless you know us, you’ll never know what’s real and what isn’t.
FYI: we didn’t blow anything up. 🙂


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