Church of the Path of Least Resistance

Church of the Path of Least Resistance by V. Mark Covingtonby V. Mark Covington

When John Wye receives a cryptic phone call for help from Mike Compari, neither suspects they will encounter bumbling hitmen, a communist-hating old lady who looks like Yoda, or rescue a refugee – and a rare book – from a book burning let alone enlist a group of Civil War reenactors to bring down a cult with nefarious ties to the Federal Government.

The truth about John’s ancestor, a Civil War captain, comes to light along with the lost Confederate gold, a lusty piratess, the invention of margaritas, hush puppies, mud wrestling, a treasure hunt and an amorous dolphin.

The two tales come together in this runaway romp with an eclectic cast of characters and hilarious twists and turns along the way.

Published October 2012

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