Advent – Angels of the Night

Advent: Angels of the Nightby Wyatt Damon

Angelo Dimitrov is faced with the ultimate decision: to stay on the light side and become an angel as his mother did, or join the army of hell and bring the world to its knees.

At the age of six, Angelo and his two brothers, Leon and Eric, escape the vicious claws of their demonic father. Fleeing town, in search of safety, they start a life in Graven. Angelo knew that his 18th birthday would change his life. All that he’d been preparing for was to come to pass, for he comes from a family of demons, and on that day, he would become one of them.

Angelo’s curiosity leads him to knowledge that puts his family and friends lives in danger. And when mysterious murders begin to occur in Graven, Angelo fears that an old enemy may be back to finish a job.

Published July 2012


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