The Machiavellian Affair

by Wilf Nussey

Two Russian SS-X-25 nuclear missiles are missing. Billionaire and political intriguer Hugh X Alcock’s son, Peter, a charter pilot and covert MI6 agent, is missing.

MI6, the CIA and Southern African intelligence services believe the missiles to be in Madagascar, positioned by hard-core Soviets bent on creating political mayhem.

Victor Kennedy, ex-soldier skilled in guerrilla warfare, is hired by Alcock to find Peter after his plane disappears on a flight to Mauritius. When Kennedy and a Mozambican colleague find Peter they learn the appalling truth of the missing armaments.

They also uncover a CIA dirty tricks campaign which, if successful, will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

An all too possible killing field – for which South Africa will be blamed.

Published April 2013
Published as Darts of Deceit November 2011

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