Mighty Mighty and the Age of Serials

Back in the olden days, before Facebook, the iPhone, WiFi connections or even the Internet, back when computers took up nearly an entire city block of desktop space, short stories, novellas and serials were as common as novels. Over the years, they fell out of favor but with the advent of eBooks, there is talk they might just make a return to popularity. Rebel intends on testing those waters. We have already published an anthology of short stories – Age of Certainty – and have plans for more. We’re discussing opening submissions to novella length books. And, with the soon-to-be-published Mighty Mighty by William Freedman, we will explore the market for serialization.

Mighty Mighty

What if some people really had superpowers? How different would the world be?

Not much.

In the world we live in, plenty of people virtually burst with skills, talents or abilities. And they work retail, watch the clock on a government job or run errands for less talented but more ambitious bosses.

But in the world of Mighty Mighty, these workaday heroes don’t have that luxury. If they don’t rise above their lot, it could spell doom for all sentient life on earth.

Be ready for some sharp left turns as you page through Mighty Mighty. It starts as parody, becomes a satire, an adventure, a thriller, a mystery and even a romance. But however the story moves along at any point, you’ll find yourself caring about and rooting for Our Heroes.

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