Our Authors

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Grant Andrew

The Feeding

Ian Barker

Fallen Star
One Hot Summer

J. H. Bográn

Poisoned Tears

Paul Centeno


Cat Cervantes

The Defenders series

Richard Combs

The Masked Demon series

Cat Connor

The byte series

V. Mark Covington

Homemade Sin
Heavenly Pleasure
Church of the Path of Least Resistance

Wyatt Damon

Advent: Angels of the Night

Phillip Donnelly

Letters From the Ministry
Kev the Vampire

Jenny Drummey


Diana Duff

Leaves From the Fig Tree

Leah Erickson

The Brambles

P. C. Feller

The Dame’s Juggler

William Freedman

Land That I Love
Mighty Mighty
Age of Certainty

Jay Hollister

The Journal of Liv Theed

Sarah Key

Tangled Weeds
The Sisters of Light series

EJ Knapp

Stealing the Marbles
Meter Maids Eat Their Young

D. Krauss


David Kukoff

Children of the Canyon

Bernard Levinson

Sexual Secrets

Jacob Lucas Luciano

Escape From Bliss

Bernard Maestas

Internet Tough Guys series

Lee Marcus

Basha, Baby

Wilf Nussey

Machiavellian Affair
The Hidden Third

Justyna Plichta-Jendzio

Mistress of Crystals

Nancy Deeds Resler

The Last Protégée

Andrew Richardson

The Footholder’s Tale
The Door Into War

Michael Snow

Rumors of War

DJ Swykert

The Pool Boy’s Beatitude

Joe Sylvester

Just Like Fred Astaire

Lisa Towles


Donna Vitucci

At Bobby Trivette’s Grave
Salt of Patriots

Ray Wenck

The Danny Roth series
The Random Survival series
Warriors of the Court

Stuart G. Yates

The Varangian series
Whipped Up
A Broken Life

Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas. - Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove. - Juvenal