Lee Marcus

Born in Johannesburg, Lee Marcus started writing early – her first piece was published when she was twelve. She studied commercial art, then combined visuals with words, first in film advertising, then with award-winning documentaries such as The Peace Game, On the Third Day and Visions of the Wind. Lee considers herself fortunate to have been able to apply her deep love of film and the English language to fifty-five years of working in television, radio and film.

She was awarded the first drama prize ever given in South Africa for her play A Candle in the Heart, written when she was outraged by what was happening politically in the country. Her feature films, books, documentaries, novels and stories are all a tribute to Lee’s ethics, love of nature and the human community. At the age of 78, Lee’s desire to share the richness of her career was realized when she began teaching creative writing, thereby helping others to write their own stories. She takes immense pleasure in watching them blossom.


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