2012 Releases

One Hot Summer

For a boy to learn of the pleasures and pains of adult life, all it takes is One Hot Summer…

John Burton is seventeen, it’s the long hot British summer of 1976 and his life is about to change, in ways he has carefully planned, and ways he cannot yet know, as he embarks on a roller-coaster journey to maturity by way of music, cars, love, sex, friendship, rivalry, guilt and death.

John’s world is populated by those who have helped mould his character. His parents, proof that opposites attract; Penny, his girlfriend, evidence that persistence can sometimes pay off; his grandmother, incorrigible and unshockable; Craig, his best friend, confidant, and sounding board; Alan, who holds a secret only John knows; Katie, object of John’s pubescent fantasies; Deborah, who collects underpants; Graham, the first local to embrace punk; Dino, John’s rival in love; Sandy, the dog; and other bit part players.

A story of teenage obsession and insecurity; of sensual experience and terminal embarrassment; of learning about life whilst still fighting to understand oneself.

Published December 2012
3.99 USD

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The first book in the Danny Roth series by Ray Wenck

What lengths will a man go to save a friend?

Former policeman Danny Roth leads a quiet, if secluded, life. He has a new career, he’s made a few friends and he has his baseball; an obsession he uses to pass for a social life.

When he rescues a teammate from a beating by mob members, he becomes the target of the mob boss. When that friend disappears and Danny is brutally assaulted he must decide if he is willing to cross the line that may lead to violence. As he continues to come under attack, he realizes the only way to survive is to resurrect the person he had sworn never to become again.

Published December 2012
3.99 USD

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Rumours of War

Justin Alexander’s past has caught up with him. When his wife and daughter are seized, he is forced to undertake a mission inspired by fanatics intent on the annihilation of Israel.

With Iran and Israel teetering on the brink of war, Justin is forced to fly to Jerusalem, ignorant of the lethal cargo his plane carries and unaware that Missulta-Mayam, the 2,000 year-old Water Libation Ceremony, is the target.

While battling deadly storms and fanatical killers, Justin must rely on a very dangerous friend to rescue his family.

From the Caribbean Island of Barbados, to Dakar, Senegal, to Israel, Rumours of War is non-stop danger and adventure.

Published December 2012
2.99 USD

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Church of the Path of Least Resistance

When John Wye receives a cryptic phone call for help from Mike Compari, neither suspects they will encounter bumbling hitmen, a communist-hating old lady who looks like Yoda, or rescue a refugee – and a rare book – from a book burning let alone enlist a group of Civil War reenactors to bring down a cult with nefarious ties to the Federal Government.

The truth about John’s ancestor, a Civil War captain, comes to light along with the lost Confederate gold, a lusty piratess, the invention of margaritas, hush puppies, mud wrestling, a treasure hunt and an amorous dolphin.

The two tales come together in this runaway romp with an eclectic cast of characters and hilarious twists and turns along the way.

Published October 2012
3.99 USD
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Meter Maids Eat Their Young – A Love Story

Parking meters, the bane of every driver’s existence, could prove fatal for Teller, an award-winning investigative journalist. Returning to his home town after a twenty-year absence, Teller investigates the mysterious appearance of the Meter Mangler, a hooded vandal who is trashing parking meters. The Mangler is fast becoming a local hero to the town, a town being crushed beneath the oppressive thumb of the Department of Parking Enforcement.

With the death of his best friend, Teller turns his attention to the secretive DPE, a government entity which has enacted Draconian measures against anyone unfortunate enough to need a parking space. Commuters are in an uproar, businesses have fled and the downtown shopping area is a ghost town. The people are up in arms. The town is a powder keg.

As parking meters spring up everywhere, and uniformed thugs cruise the streets in Cushman carts like hungry wolves seeking prey, Teller struggles with the ghosts of his past and his growing attraction to his blue-haired lodger while staying one step ahead of a growing threat to his life.

Published September 2012
2.99 USD

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Basha, Baby

Throughout her life Basha fought to keep alive that small flame which lit her being. Whether in Toender in Denmark, St. Petersburg in Russia, London in England, Durban, Standerton or Johannesburg in South Africa, Basha’s life has been determined by others. Sent as a child by her impoverished parents to a better life with an uncle in Russia, Basha battled to overcome her rage at being separated from her family, and especially her Zayde, her grandfather. Aided by her beloved sister, Eva, and Pavli, her greatest friend and the man she should have been allowed to marry, Basha employs all her wit, talent, imagination and humour to forge her life.

The shock of an arranged marriage to a weak and selfish man, David Tannerberg, whom she scarcely knows, tests her mettle further, as does maintaining his business when he leaves London for Durban. Five years later, Basha sells the business and takes the family to join David, who gives every appearance of having forgotten them, or wanting to do so. She discovers new joys and different heartaches but her compassion and generosity never desert her in finding gratification and beauty in unexpected ways.

Published August 2012
2.99 USD

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Advent – Angels of the Night

Angelo Dimitrov is faced with the ultimate decision: to stay on the light side and become an angel as his mother did, or join the army of hell and bring the world to its knees.

At the age of six, Angelo and his two brothers, Leon and Eric, escape the vicious claws of their demonic father. Fleeing town, in search of safety, they start a life in Graven. Angelo knew that his 18th birthday would change his life. All that he’d been preparing for was to come to pass, for he comes from a family of demons, and on that day, he would become one of them.

Angelo’s curiosity leads him to knowledge that puts his family and friends lives in danger. And when mysterious murders begin to occur in Graven, Angelo fears that an old enemy may be back to finish a job.

Published July 2012
2.99 USD
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Fourth book in the -byte series by Cat Connor

As if a terrifying nightmare wasn’t bad enough, being woken from it with the news that she’d been strangled in a parking lot didn’t make for a great start to the day for FBI Agent Ellie Conway.

Extraordinary and bizarre packages delivered to her home, a sniper aiming for her – twice in one day – and a vehicle that looks like Swiss cheese, tends to make a girl lose her sense of humour.

More mistaken-identity deaths, bank robberies, a hospital murderer, an unexpected cold case, and a rendition to a black site, conspire to demand more than the usual amount of kickass determination required of SSA Conway.

Ghosts from the past, forcing themselves into her present life, with vengeance on their minds, threaten Conway and the lives of others, reminding her of the fragility of memory.

Published March 2012
3.99 USD
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Homemade Sin

What do Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, John Kennedy Toole, Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and many others have in common?

Their Muse.

Stinky, a defrocked minor god, wordsmith and connoisseur of Brandy Alexanders has helped many to achieve fame.

Roland (would-be writer and bar owner), Hussey (trainee vooderine), Dee Dee (sushi chef, Halifax Hottie and Tourette’s tart), Cutter (handsome and a genuine re re), Bella Donna (blind, vengeful and wannabee voodun) and the leaders of the legal, insurance, pharmaceutical and medical professions (aka The Four Horsemen: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death) are about to encounter Stinky.

A greyhound with a multiple personality, an ex-mafia Fugu Lounge barfly, a bull rider who is terrified of clowns and a new remedy for phobias and more are ‘conjured’ in this absorbing, articulate, intelligent, feisty and witty novel.

Published December 2011
3.99 USD
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The Machiavellian Affair

Two Russian SS-X-25 nuclear missiles are missing. Billionaire and political intriguer Hugh X Alcock’s son, Peter, a charter pilot and covert MI6 agent, is missing. MI6, the CIA and Southern African intelligence services believe the missiles to be in Madagascar, positioned by hard-core Soviets bent on creating political mayhem.

Victor Kennedy, ex-soldier skilled in guerrilla warfare, is hired by Alcock to find Peter after his plane disappears on a flight to Mauritius. When Kennedy and a Mozambican colleague find Peter they learn the appalling truth of the missing armaments. They also uncover a CIA dirty tricks campaign which, if successful, will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. An all too possible killing field – for which South Africa will be blamed.

Published as Darts of Deceit November 2011
3.99 USD

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Third book in the -byte series by Cat Connor

Hawk is hunting again.

SSA Conway is his nemesis – she wants justice. He has taken too many children, killed too many people.
FBI Agent SSA Conway has decided it is time to stop Hawk, not only to prevent the abduction of vulnerable children but to avenge the murder of an FBI agent.

As Conway and Delta A team prepare to pursue Hawk in Russia, he moves to New Zealand to widen his net. A terrible and sinister reality emerges, demanding the might of the Military, CIA, NCIS and the Russian FSB.

Exploiting her remarkable intuition, together with help from unlikely sources, Conway realizes she must heed the augury ‘it is all about the music.’

Published February 2011

3.99 USD
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Leaves From the Fig Tree

An extraordinary life shared by an extraordinary raconteuse.

Born in Africa, Anglo-Irish by descent, Diana, aged two, travelled from Johannesburg to Ireland, to Annes Grove, a stately Georgian home with world-famous gardens, with talk of horses, rare plants and fishing juxtaposed with tales of banshees, the little people, ráths, the foxy-haired ghost and visits from Elizabeth Bowen, Vita Sackville-West, David Cecil and many others.

Aged 18, Diana returned to Africa, where she doubled for Grace Kelly in ‘Mogambo’, met Raymond Hook, the king of cheetah racing, befriended the legendary Ewart Grogran and unwittingly employed a Mau Mau leader. Ever one to stand up for what is right, she challenged the authorities at the height of apartheid – and won!

With humour, eloquence, empathy and candour, Diana shares her return to a place from her childhood, where family truths are learned, along with the realisation that Africa has real magic all of its own.

Published December 2010
3.99 USD

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Fallen Star

The Fallen Boys were at their zenith when Zac’s luck ran out. How does the shock of being dumped from dazzling and conspicuous success into relative obscurity affect his fellow band members Karl, Ritchie and Leon? Accustomed to adulation, wall-to-wall glamour and all the illusions of fame, the Boys find themselves in strange territory. No longer courted, with zero prospect of resurrecting the group, they find themselves facing harsh realities.

Karl is driven to appear on chat shows and accept pantomime roles: all the P.R. exercises he previously spurned. Reluctantly, he participates in a TV reality series soon after he meets Lizzie Keating, daughter of an IRA bomber. As the challenges to their relationship surface: Karl’s father, ex-Army and implacable in his hatred for the Irish; Karl’s wandering eye and Lizzie’s refusal to play second fiddle to anyone, Karl learns what is really valuable.

Published November 2010
2.99 USD

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Stealing The Marbles

At the turn of the 19th century, Lord Elgin stole pieces of the Parthenon and shipped them to England.
At the turn of the 21st century, Danny Samsel is going to steal them back.

When does a wrong become right?

Danny Samsel is a Master Thief. He has defeated the finest security systems in the world: Interpol wants him, the FBI wants him, the CIA wants him. After a year languishing on Kefalonia, he has turned his attention to the heist of the century. He has decided to steal the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum and return them to Greece. His motives are not entirely altruistic: estranged from the beautiful Kastania, he wants her back in his life. And, he needs her help to steal the Marbles from the British Museum.

With help from old friends worldwide, plus a few surprising ones, Danny pursues his goal, despite vicious interventions from Interpol and avaricious underworld art collectors. At great cost to him and his accomplices, Danny settles a few scores, outfoxes old foes, and guarantees the future of his chosen career.

Published September 2010
2.99 USD

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Second book in the -byte series by Cat Connor

What is the connection between a series of murders, bourbon, chlorine, gold ribbon, the Pentagon and the Military, Eastern European terrorists and a book of poetry?

Special Agent Ellie Conway is back: wisecracking, kicking ass and using her psycho-prophetic talents. This time to grapple with a murderer with ulterior motives, secreted behind a series of grotesque crimes.

Confronted with outlandish connections and the realization that the issues are global, Conway is forced to seek help from the highest level to close borders, airports, train stations and military bases.

The denouement leaves Ellie facing a shocking truth and a grievous loss.

Published September 2010
3.99 USD
Available only at Amazon.

Land That I Love

When two rival presidents in the distant future, foes since their youth, declare a hyper-power war, they set in motion events which transform America’s place in the world … and beyond.

With devilish delight icons, role models and expectations are upended with laugh-out-loud irreverence. Characters defy tradition and stereotyping, revealing the devastating high jinks which – without doubt – exist within the hallowed halls of existing rival countries, let alone imaginary future nations and governments.

Outrageous political prods and withering insight makes Land That I Love a compelling lampoon.

Published April 2010
2.99 USD

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First book in the -byte series by Cat Connor

A killer with a penchant for inventive and macabre deaths challenges an FBI Agent with an equally unusual imagination and sense of humour.

SA Ellie Conway works serial crime cases. When someone tries to kill her, it becomes obvious it’s linked to her after-hours pursuits in cyberspace. Matters become complicated when her assailant is found dead in the trunk of her car.

Despite a plethora of crime scenes, no evidence can be found to identify a motive or perpetrator. The death toll rises and eventually includes those close to her. A chance remark provides the first real clue to unraveling the killer’s twisted goals.

Published September 2009
3.99 USD
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