Internet Tough Guys Series

Third book in the Internet Tough Guys series by Bernard Maestas

It’s all-out corporate warfare when two titans of the energy industry square off over newly struck oil in a southern Somalian province. Boardroom battles rage in the west while, on the ground, two massive armies of hired guns fight to a stalemate that could boil over at any moment.

Tech specialist Ted Reagan and his commando-trained partner, Alex, are hired, under the banner of their new company, Reagan Kirwan International, to turn the tables. Their seemingly simple mission takes a deadly and dangerous turn as they learn they are not the only trump cards in the game and they may be on the wrong side.

Facing the most dangerous of adversaries, constant peril, and treacherous corporate politics, they must stand together if they want to survive ‒ and, of course, collect their pay checks. Because war is a two-player co-op and all they have is each other.

Published December 2015
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Second book in the Internet Tough Guys series by Bernard Maestas

Gwen Kane, estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire and bearer of a horrifying secret is lured into a dangerous international cult. It falls to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her. What should be easy money for the mercenary team of a freerunning ex-commando and his computer hacking partner proves to be anything but as they find themselves doggedly pursued across Europe, Canada and the United States by highly trained forces with resources vastly disproportionate to the recapture of one missing acolyte.

Can they unravel the mystery of Gwen’s importance in time to survive?
Will Gwen pierce the seemingly impenetrable armor around Alex’s heart?
And, above all, will Alex and Ted get paid?

Published November 2014
3.99 USD

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First book in the Internet Tough Guys series by Bernard Maestas

Alex is a throwaway teenager in New York, pitfighting for scraps. Ted is a bored suburban high schooler in Illinois making a profit on changing grades and pirating movies.Together they become international mercenaries, battling for their own profit, occasionally stumbling on doing the right thing, and taking sarcastic jabs at each other along the way.

Using their collective talents, they rob a crooked bank president, rescue the kidnapped daughter of an oil tycoon and hunt high value insurgents in Iraq for the bounties on their head. They train government troops in one African country to crush the tribal government of a neighboring country and then train the tribal militia opponents of the adjacent country. In Russia they hunt down a wanted war criminal on the run from the UN, exposing a human trafficking operation.

Realizing that they are at their best together, they go into business for themselves, picking the jobs they want, when they want, and reaping all the profits.

Published November 2013
3.99 USD

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