Sisters of Light Series

The Butterfly Wind Second book in the Sisters of Light series

Time is running out for the hunchback enchantress, Siango. The village on the floodplain is in conflict and the failing chief needs her dark craft. The crazed poacher, Ikului, hunts elephants for their wisdom sticks. He offloads his cache in Lusaka where he procures unique ingredients for Siango’s muti. But he has more than ivory to trade. A vicious attack on a game ranger brings life-long friends back to Chistlehurst Manor, the hotbed of secrets and crushing betrayals. Flash Peterson worries about her brother, Derrick. The priest’s son, has strayed from the righteous path. Caught up in a trans-national smuggling ring, Derrick crosses southern Africa on a soul-altering journey. His cousin, Honey Esack, is called upon to use her psychic ability in an attempt to locate him.

From Cape Town, to the Victoria Falls, Lusaka and Western Zambia, disparate characters’ fates are perilously entwined. In a storm, on a bridge spanning the mighty Zambezi, can the Sisters of Light once again conquer darkness? Can forgiveness be won in a pulse-racing faceoff with evil?

Sarah Key enthralls again in this sequel to The Dandelion Clock, part II in the Sisters of Light saga, about the mysteries and magic of Africa.

Published November 2016
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3.99 USD

First book in the Sisters of Light series

Silent Helene Van den Bergh has wandered the city since her release from a psychiatric hospital fifteen years earlier. Horrified when her friend is murdered, she knows the bullet was meant for her ‒ but why?

On Devil’s Peak, on the spring equinox, Helene waits for the gibbous moon to rise, unaware that two killers stalk her. The Dark Man, and Etienne Craig, The Diabolical Creation, a depraved lunatic whose lust for violence has reached its zenith. But something infinitely more evil tracks the hunters on the charred mountainside. Its depravity knows no bounds and its form cannot be predicted. Evil men set on slaughter may themselves become its prey.

Flash Peterson, Honey Esack and Petra Montgomery, the Sisters of Light, unite in a desperate scramble against the clock. Can they conquer the darkness in time to save their friend?

Published October 2015
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3.99 USD

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