Varangian Series

The third book in the Varangian series by Stuart G. Yates

Sailing north after escaping the clutches of the Byzantime Empress Zoe, Harold Hardrada intends to claim his inheritance ‒ Norway’s crown. Danger has followed him like a close friend and on the arduous journey home, he reflects on his life of adventure, tragedy and war and joining the elite Varangian Guard. His wits and battle skills have served him well but will they be enough? The soured love of an empress may be his undoing – Zoe wants him dead.

Published November 2015
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The second book in the Varangian series by Stuart G. Yates

The mad Emperor Michael V now deposed, blinded and banished, and Zoe restored to Constantinople, Hardrada turns his attentions to his destiny ‒ to Norway and his desire to be its king.

General Maniakes has different ideas. His schemes and plots continue, using Hardrada as an instrument of death and betrayal. But others seek the same end ‒ to rule Byzantium.

Bishops lie, soldiers fight, assassins stalk the streets, and lovers lament … and all lose their lives. Hardrada needs his treasure to win his crown, and the Empress Zoe has it. With time pressing, difficult choices face him, with the threat of death never far away.

Published November 2014
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Book one in the Varangian series by Stuart G. Yates

In the middle part of the Eleventh century, the Byzantine Empire dominated the world. The surviving part of the old Roman Empire, its position as the greatest known civilisation remained undisputed. Within the walls of its great capital city, Constantinople, treachery, debauchery and power politics dominated the lives of the ruling elite, as it had in the glory days of Rome.

Thrust inside this heady mix, the Viking adventurer Harald Hardrada struggles to survive. A new emperor, the deranged Michael V, means danger for him as he becomes a pawn in the jostling for power of the various factions. Can he survive, and in so doing, turn his mind to the regaining what is rightfully his – the throne of Norway?

Published October 2013
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